I'm busisiwe mashiane

I am weird, loud and absolutely flawed and it is breathtakingly perfect

I'm a phenomenally flawed mindset and confidence coach for young woman, an author, a singer and an uncoordinated dancer. I've always had an abundance of energy, love, kindness and unsolicited monologues which somehow manage to intrigue my audience. I love with all my heart and I give way too many second chances because I believe no one is beyond redemption. We all deserve unconditional love, not least from ourselves. 


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Our flaws are the things which make us amazing, that make us unique, they represent who we are today not who we wish we were and there is a power in loving that woman

loving your imperfect

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My Story

Busisiwe Mashiane is a business mindset coach for brilliant young black female entrepreneurs who want to use their passion to build generational wealth.

Compassionate, caring and a bit of an energy ball Busisiwe aims to ensure that you can spend your life doing what you love, because life is too short for constant misery.

She is a certified coach with a background in engineering and a passion for helping people realize their potential.

She spends her time giving back to the community through various acts of service in her community and has a passion for bringing joy to the world.

Through a 3-step process of Mindset – Building Business Foundations and Strengthening Business Systems she helps her clients to realize their entrepreneurial potential and sets them up for success.

She works with passionate heart centered woman like herself who want to use their hard-won skills and talents to build businesses they can be excited about every day.

Skills include: Market Research · Executive Coaching · Communication · Problem Solving · Strategic Planning



Overcome Objecstions and Limiting Beliefs

  • I cry myself to sleep every night cause I have spent most of the day doing things that I hate doing because I don't have a good enough reason to say NO, so I'll just suck it up and do it anyway 
  • I let my boss, colleagues and clients treat me horribly because I don't want to make them upset
  • To earn my place in the world and prove myself I must be better than everyone else, I must be perfect

Me too! I've spent soo much of my life afraid of failing because I was terrified of what people will say so I never did anything unless I knew I could be great at it and I let people walk all over me to keep them happy. The problem with doing only what you're good at is that you can never grow, and that means you can never reach your potential. And you can never do what you were put in this planet to do. 


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